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  • kihana miraya ross

    kihana miraya ross

    kihana is an assistant professor of Black Studies at Northwestern. She has published in the New York Times, Colorlines, The Hill, and in academic outlets.

  • Stanford Business

    Stanford Business

    Business research, insights, and ideas from Stanford Graduate School of Business.

  • Mariame Kaba

    Mariame Kaba

    Founder/Director Project NIA (@projectnia), Co-Founder (@chitaskforce) & (@ChiFreeSchool), Abolitionist, Organizer, Educator, Curator, Hallmark Channel watcher

  • Ira David Socol

    Ira David Socol

    Author, Dreamer, Educator: A life in service - NYPD, EMS, disabilities/UDL specialist, tech and innovation leader for education. Co-author of Timeless Learning

  • William Rankin

    William Rankin

    Former university professor; learning designer who works to improve access, humanity & agency, replacing the Taylorite education factory… www.unfoldlearning.net

  • Jaya Ramchandani (جيا رامچَندانِ)

    Jaya Ramchandani (جيا رامچَندانِ)

    Creating courses & curricula and mentoring high school students (astronomy, physics, science & art, learning how to learn, scientific communication)

  • Arthur Chiaravalli

    Arthur Chiaravalli

    Teacher, learner, thinker. Exploring what’s possible in education.

  • Yasmin Lukatz

    Yasmin Lukatz

    Executive Director at ICON — Israel Collaboration Network www.iconsv.org. Bridging between Silicon Valley and Israel tech eco systems.

  • Christine Moers

    Christine Moers

    Writer. Speaker. Parent Coach. Still a housemate with my ex-husband. Went decaf to survive perimenopause.

  • Tayo Oviosu

    Tayo Oviosu

    Living to change the face of Africa - one venture at a time! Founder & CEO of Paga @mypaga - the #1 way to pay or get paid in Nigeria. Avid Chelsea FC fan!

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